Members Of Congress Get Different Health Marketplace Experience Than Most

The Los Angeles Times explores the experiences for lawmakers and their staffs as they leave the federal employee health insurance system and move to the new exchanges.

Los Angeles Times: For Congress, Health Care Plans Remain A Notch Above
Trying to align lawmakers with the people they represent, Congress three years ago decided that when the new health care plan took effect, members would give up their platinum health benefits and enroll in the online marketplaces created for millions of other Americans. In typical congressional fashion, however, things have not worked out exactly as advertised (Memoli, 12/1).

Meanwhile, several Republican doctors are running for Senate using the health law as a foil --

The Hill: Republican Doctors Running For Congress Amid Obamacare Rollout Fiasco
Eleven Republican doctors are running for the Senate, hoping that voters will see their medical expertise as an asset amid the administration's botched rollout of Obamacare. ... Doctors running in Senate races from North Carolina to Oregon are all pitching voters on their experience in the medical field (Jaffe, 12/1).

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