Capsules: Administration Releases New Rules On Individual Mandate; Americans Hear More About Health Law, But Not From Most-Trusted Sources; ACOs' Coordinated Care Savings May Be Contagious; CDC: Schools Are Getting Healthier; Many Breast-Feeding Moms Unaware Of Health Law Help

Now on Kaiser Health News' blog, Mary Agnes Carey reports on the administration's new individual mandate rules: "As congressional Republicans push for a delay in the 2010 health law's individual mandate, the Obama administration Tuesday announced final regulations implementing the requirement that most Americans have health insurance coverage by Jan. 1 or pay a fine. The document from the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service is in addition to regulations the Department of Health and Human Services published in late June" (Carey, 8/27).

Jordan Rau reports on poll findings indicating that Americans are hearing more about the health law: "The public's awareness of new marketplaces is growing, but potential customers are getting much of their information about the health law from sources they don't trust very much, according to a poll released Wednesday. … Supporters of the law and insurance companies have begun mobilizing to educate people about new insurance offerings. … The most common source of that information was the news media" (Rau, 8/28).

Also on Capsules, Jenny Gold reports on accountable care organizations and savings: "An early cost-sharing program in Massachusetts designed to cut costs for private Blue Cross Blue Shield patients also lowered costs for Medicare patients who were seen by the same providers, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association" (Gold, 8/28).

Meanwhile, Marissa Evans reports on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey about schools' health policies: "Nowadays, the hub for developing healthy habits isn’t just the gym or home. For kids, at least, it's increasingly their schools, according to a study released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. School districts across the country are demonstrating a range of improvements in terms of nutrition, exercise and tobacco policies" (Evans, 8/27).

In addition, the Seattle Times' Lisa Stiffler, working in partnership with KHN, reports on a health law provision that helps breast-feeding moms: "New moms crave information, whether it's car-seat safety ratings, the pros and cons of pacifiers or how best to sooth a colicky infant. So it's a little surprising that many moms aren't up to speed on how the Affordable Care Act could benefit them. The law has specific requirements targeting moms, including coverage for breast pumps and consultants to help breast-feeding mothers" (8/27). Check out what else is on the blog.

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