FDA, Docs, Consumers Scrutinizing Medical Apps

Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile applications to monitor their own health as some question whether the FDA can evaluate the apps fast enough.

Fox Business: Just What The Doctor Ordered: Medical Apps To Improve Care, Health
In the face of rising health-care costs, consumers are looking for any assistance to reduce medical expenses and stay healthy. At the same time, doctors are seeking ways to improve their communications with patients, increase patient adherence to drug regimens and care plans and overall improve the quality of care. Both parties are turning to the same tool: mobile health. ... In the past, patients relied on their own memory to remember previous weights or past illnesses (Mannino, 9/26).

Kaiser Health News: Lawmaker Pitches New FDA Office Of Mobile Health
The Food and Drug Administration, the agency in charge of regulating mobile health apps, has evaluated a few apps so far, but it still has not made clear which [mobile health applications] will require approval. Some app developers have raised concerns about whether the FDA can keep up with the fast-paced innovations of Silicon Valley (Gold, 9/26).

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