Medicaid Programs In Ga., Ill. Under Microscope

States wrestle with Medicaid funding and opportunities to reshape the programs.

Georgia Health News: New Group Gains Role In State's Medicaid Planning 
A task force working with state officials on restructuring Medicaid has given rise to a new group -- one that's specifically concerned with mental health and substance abuse issues. Members of the new group say it offers them an unusual opportunity to help shape requirements for what is likely to be a huge state health care contract (Miller, 4/6). 

The Associated Press/Chicago Sun-Times: Behind The Rhetoric On Ill. Health Care, Pensions
Gov. Pat Quinn recently lit a fire under the simmering questions of what Illinois will do about climbing pension and Medicaid costs. He proposed cuts in both and warned inaction could mean financial disaster. Quinn says the cost of providing health care for 2.7 million Illinoisans is climbing so fast the state can’t keep up (Wills and Johnson, 5/6).

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