State Abortion Bills Keep Coming

Some call such legislation an "overreach," but at least some of the proposals are getting political traction, including a push in Washington State this week to require insurance plans to cover abortion.

The Associated Press/Washington Post: Republicans, Democrats Disregarded McDonnell's Day 1 Advice Not To Overreach Or Obstruct
Republicans introduced bills that conservatives had dreamed of for years. Among them were measures to compel voters to bring identification to the polls; make public school teachers easier to fire; … apply legal rights of personhood to embryos from the moment of conception; and divert a share of the state sales tax to transportation. But none got more public notice than a bill that would have required women who seek abortions to undergo vaginally invasive ultrasound exams. Were they an overreach? Depends on whom you ask (3/11).

Politico Pro: Wash. Abortion Act May Get Second Chance
Abortion rights advocates in Washington state will make a new push in the special legislative session starting Monday to pass a bill requiring insurance plans to cover abortion. The bill, known as the Reproductive Parity Act, seemed destined for passage in the regular legislative session until it was blocked on a procedural vote in the state Senate. It had already passed in the House (Millman and Feder, 3/9).

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Planned Parenthood Stirs Passion
There's little middle ground when it comes to Planned Parenthood. To some, the organization is akin to an evil empire.To others, it provides much-needed health and reproductive services to women, particularly those with little or no health insurance (Poole, 3/12).

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