Handicapping The Role Of Health Care In 2012

Politico Pro: Health Care Vulnerabilities For 2012 Hopefuls
So does that mean President Barack Obama is winning the argument on health care? Contraception is the hot topic of the moment, and judging from the polls, the Republican candidates aren’t in any danger of finding the center on that issue. But then there’s that health care law. The one that’s about to go before the Supreme Court — and the one that has a lot more enemies than fans right now. In fact, the same Quinnipiac poll found that the public wants the Supremes to overturn the health care law by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent — and that independents mostly side with the Republicans on this one. (Other polls show less support for striking the whole law.) So, who’s winning the health care fight (Nather, 2/24)?

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