New Solicitor General Gets Ready For Supreme Court Health Law Showdown

Donald Verrilli will bring a new voice to the debate when he defends the law before the high court next month. In the meantime, an attorney challenging the law argues that if the mandate stands, the government could also force Americans to buy a car, and KHN presents the second part of an analysis of the legal arguments before the court.

USA Today: Solicitor General Brings Voice Of Reason To Health Care Case
When the new health care law comes to the Supreme Court for a crucial test next month, the voice defending it will be a new one. Donald Verrilli, who is less than a year into his post as U.S. solicitor general, did not argue the case in lower courts. And unlike officials who have been public boosters of President Obama's initiatives, Verrilli has worked mostly behind the scenes (Biskupic, 2/16).

Reuters: Could Obama Health Care Law Force You To Buy A Car?
An attorney challenging President Barack Obama's landmark health care law before the U.S. Supreme Court said on Thursday that Congress could require Americans to buy a car or other product if people were compelled to obtain medical insurance. But a former Obama administration attorney dismissed those concerns, calling them "absurd hypotheticals," and defended the insurance purchase requirement in the 2010 law as part of a comprehensive scheme to address a national problem of soaring health care costs.

Kaiser Health News: SCOTUS Preview Part 2: Analyzing The Likely High Court Arguments On The Health Law (Video) 
In part two of analysis of the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on the health law, Stuart Taylor talks with Jackie Judd about the arguments each side is likely to make defending or against the individual mandate and the Medicaid expansion. Watch the video or read the transcript.

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