Health News From The Campaign Trail

News outlets offer a fact check on how some health issues are being characterized in the presidential contest, as well as a report about an attack on the health law in what The Associated Press terms "bizarre videos."  

The Associated Press: Fact Check: Romney On Taxes, Education And More
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was on shaky ground Friday with his accusation about birth control, because Obama backed down from forcing religious-affiliated employers to offer contraception coverage in a compromise devised to placate the church (Woodward, 4/14).

iWatch News: 'Occupy Obamacare' PAC Attacks Health Care Plan In Bizarre Videos
A former supporter of President Barack Obama, angered by Obama's signature health insurance overhaul, wants to turn the election season into a horror movie with the aid of a super PAC. Last week, Glenn Morton, a 41-year-old health insurance broker and failed congressional candidate who lives in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., launched a low-budget super PAC called "Occupy Obamacare" (Beckel, 4/13).

Meanwhile, in the Maine Senate race --

The Associated Press: Maine Voters Seek Female Senator. Enter Angus King
Democrats are betting big on women in elections across the nation -- from the presidential battleground to the coastal Maine community where King opened his state headquarters last week. ... King, who also favors abortion rights and opposes efforts to strip funding from Planned Parenthood, says the GOP's focus on abortion laws, women's health providers and contraception is "a huge mistake" (Peoples, 4/16).

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