Race Pits Obamacare Against Romneycare

News outlets analyze how health policy positions taken by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are playing on the campaign trail.

The Associated Press: Fact Check: Romney, Obama Gloss Over Realities
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Wednesday of inflicting a "government takeover of health care" on Americans, even though Obama's law is closely modeled on the plan Romney achieved in Massachusetts... Obama's law keeps the private insurance industry at the heart of the health care system and avoids a single-payer government system like Canada's (Woodward, 4/4).

National Journal: Romney's Health Care Scare Averted
Mitt Romney's trio of victories Tuesday could mark the moment when he vanquished one of the biggest ghosts haunting his primary campaign: Romneycare. The homestretch before Tuesday’s vote coincided with the highly publicized Supreme Court hearings over President Obama’s health care overhaul, offering Romney's opponents the perfect opportunity to bash him over the comparable plan he championed as governor of Massachusetts. Rick Santorum tried. He took his cause from the campaign trail in Wisconsin straight to the steps of the high court, insisting that Romney could not credibly lead the charge against "Obamacare" in 2012 (Reinhard, 4/4).

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe reports that Obama remains popular among Jewish voters.

Boston Globe: President Obama Remains Popular Among Jewish Voters, Survey Shows
President Obama remains popular among Jewish voters, with more than six in 10 supporting his reelection, according to a Public Religion Research Institute poll released Wednesday... “The likely Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, is unpopular among most Jewish voters,” said Daniel Cox, the institute’s research director, “and the GOP’s signature campaign proposal — repealing the recent health care law — is opposed by nearly six in ten American Jews” (Borchers, 4/4).

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