State-Federal Tensions Surround Plans For Health Exchanges

At a meeting this week, state regulators offered their objections to the Obama administration's plans. One focus was the partnership model which would utilize joint state-federal operation of some exchanges. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, GOP lawmakers step-up their criticism of the state's efforts.

The Hill: States Raise Concerns With 'Partnership' Models For Exchanges
A meeting of state and federal health officials turned tense this week as state regulators raised objections to the Obama administration's proposals for insurance exchanges. A person who attended the two-day meeting said states complained about proposals for a "partnership" model in which states and the federal government would jointly operate some exchanges. "The feds were more defensive than I have ever seen them," the attendee said (Baker, 9/20).

Minnesota Public Radio: Criticism, Contention Mounts Over Health Insurance Exchanges
Last month, some Republican lawmakers in Minnesota criticized the governor for using a $4 million federal grant to prepare for an exchange without consulting the GOP-controlled legislature. State documents and several officials said the governor has authority not only to use the $4 million to design a state insurance exchange, but $28 million (Stawicki, 9/21).

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