Texas Tribune Reviews New Anti-Abortion Law; Health Debate

The Texas Tribune recounts the legislative debate on health care issues, especially abortion.

The Texas Tribune: Anti-Abortion Measure Targets Travis County
An amendment that conservative state lawmakers hoped would wipe out the only taxpayer-funded elective abortions in Texas ultimately might not do much at all. One of many tacked onto an omnibus health care bill during the Legislature's special session in June, the amendment by Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, aims to remove state funding from any hospital district — a health care system financed by city or county tax dollars – that provides elective abortions. ... Only 0.1 percent of abortions in Texas take place in hospitals, and only for medical emergencies (Auber, 7/20). 

The Texas Tribune: Visualizing Days of Lege Debate: Health Care
The Legislature passed several health-care related measures: The Abortion-Sonogram bill, a significant defunding of Planned Parenthood and incentive-based Medicaid fiscal changes all made it to the governor’s desk, eventually. Use this interactive to find what lawmakers said about federal health care reform, attempts to give the state more control over Medicaid and Medicare and funding for family planning and women's health programs, among other health-care related topics (Aaronson, 7/20).

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