Study: EHRs Don't Boost Quality Of Care

Stanford researchers concluded that on 19 of 20 quality measures, electronic health records offered no clear benefit.

CNN: Electronic Health Records No Cure-All
[R]esearchers compared the care of those patients to the care of patients without EHRs, on 20 different measures of quality – for example, whether proper medication was prescribed for patients with asthma or simple infections, or whether smokers were counseled on ways to quit. On 19 of the 20 measures, there was no benefit from having an EHR. The one exception was dietary advice: Patients at high-risk for illness were slightly more likely to receive counseling on a proper diet (Hellerman, 1/24).

Modern Healthcare: Stanford Researchers Find EHRs Don't Boost Care Quality
A pair researchers at Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif., has released results of a three-year study that indicates EHRs did little to improve the quality of care (Conn, 1/24).

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