Today's Opinions And Editorials: Health Reform's Paperwork And Accountability In Medicare

Why The AMA Wants To Muzzle Your Doctor The Wall Street Journal
Without the support of the AMA it is quite possible that the health-care reform initiative would have failed. So why the effort to silence other doctors? (Hal Scherz, 5/7).

Digitize Medical Records; Waiting Puts Lives At Risk The Boston Globe
Even with the incentive of billions of federal dollars to cover much of the cost of the transition, doctors and hospitals have been slow to take even the first steps toward conversion (5/7).

Health Bill Floods Business In Paper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Almost every day we discover some new little gem hidden in the 2,500-page, 400,000-word redesign of the American health care system. Regulations we hadn't heard about, new costs, new taxes, new mandates; it's a bad bill that just keeps getting worse (Michael Tanner, 5/6).

Accountability Is Crucial To The Future Of Medicare The Des Moines Register
If left untouched, Medicare's costs will continue to spiral out of control, comprising an ever-greater share of the economy and undermining growth (Robert Blancato, 5/7).

Obamacare's Hidden Time Bomb Forbes
Section 2718, at a mere 802 words, goes into effect first thing next year. ... It is the section that converts private insurers into regulated utilities by effectively placing a ceiling on their already-low profit margins (Avik Roy, 5/7).

The Party's Over On Health Insurance Premiums The (Mobile, Ala.) Press-Register
For the first time in 27 years, teachers and education employees will pay higher premiums for individual health insurance coverage (5/7).

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