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The New Doctors In The House U.S. News & World Report
Gone are the days when medical etiquette had nurses standing at attention when doctors entered the room or silently bowing their white-capped heads when their own experience called a physician into question (Bernadine Healy, 4/15).

Should 'DNR' Mean 'Do Not Resign'? Kaiser Health News/NPR
Life is precious and irreplaceable. My version of DNR is "Do Not Resign." Don't give up on me if I can still think, communicate and enjoy life (Dr. Boris Veysman, 4/15).

A Cheerleader For Cost-Cutting CongressDaily
Enactment of the new health law has apparently also brought to an end one of Washington health policy wonks' favorite parlor games of the past 15 months: Who will head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services? (Julie Rovner, 4/15).

Memo To The Health Care Industry: The Jig Is Up Fortune
Private sector greed, particularly within the entire health care industry, is often blamed for spiraling health care costs. Yet there are many more companies in America that are hurting as result of runaway health care spending than there are profiting from it (Colin Evans and Jacob Sattelmair, 4/14).

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