Today's Opinions And Editorials

Fence Sitters Matter In Health Debate Wall Street Journal
Who will determine the outcome of the great health debate? Many senators and House members, but also a small slice of the public that is undecided (Gerald F. Seib, 9/25).

Health Care Plan Presents Problems Deseret News
The greatest opportunity offered by real health-care reform is lower costs facing Americans. ... When it became apparent that health-care reform was going to raise the burden on American families, not lower it, I ceased participating in the Senate negotiations (Sen. Orrin Hatch, 9/25).

Immigration Issue Is A Red Herring USA Today
Enough about Joe Wilson. The South Carolina Republican congressman's recent outburst calling President Obama a liar for saying his health care plan denies coverage to undocumented workers has obscured the sad truth about Latinos and health care (Raul Reyes, 9/25).

A Fed For Health-Care Costs The Washington Post
The cornerstone of any viable health-care proposal has to be putting the brakes on the escalating cost of care (William R. Brody, 9/25).

Unsafe At Any Speed Wall Street Journal
Another day, another White House health-care deadline (9/25).

Let's Be Reasonable The Denver Post
A great deal has been said about the flaws in these proposals. Rather than add to the criticism, I'd like to prescribe some remedies that will make the patient -- U.S. health care -- healthier, not sicker (Richard R. Kelley, 9/25).

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