Dr. Anthony Falcon: We're Facing A Catastrophic Situation On The Border

Kaiser Health News staff writer Jessica Marcy talks with Dr. Antonio Falcon, a physician in the border town of Rio Grande City, Texas. He explained his concern "about several health threats facing border communities, including tuberculosis, diabetes, obesity and the H1N1 virus that causes swine flu." He also talked about how "current efforts to overhaul the nation's health system will benefit both the Hispanic community, which has the highest rate of uninsured of any ethnic group; and Texas, which consistently fares among the worst for state health care measures. Still, he worries that lawmakers in Washington are failing to address several important border health issues, including illegal immigrants' health care" (10/23). Read entire interview.

A related story by KHN staff writer Jennifer Evans, explains how health reform bills would - and would not - affect illegal immigrants. "As lawmakers continue to shape a health care overhaul bill to increase the number of Americans with insurance while driving down costs, one group is being deliberately barred from receiving any government benefits associated with the effort: undocumented immigrants. This brief explainer looks at some of the questions surrounding immigrants and health care in the United States" (10/23).

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