New Hampshire's Medicaid Program Almost Out Of Money

"Rising unemployment and spiking Medicaid and welfare caseloads have put [New Hampshire's] most recent budget to the test just two weeks after its adoption," New Hampshire Public Radio reports. The state's Medicaid caseload is just 39 enrollees away from putting the "state's Medicaid budget in the red."

NHPR quotes the state's HHS Associate Commissioner Nancy Rollins: "There will most likely not be enough money. And while we'll continue to demonstrate we do the best we can. ... I think there will be some tough decisions that the Legislature will have to make going forward." Health agencies and Medicaid providers have had to lay off staff members in response to the tight budget. Also, providers have begun limiting Medicaid services. "Rising caseloads, declining services, exhausted budgets and social service providers who aren't sure what's coming next are facts of life at HHS now" (Gorenstein, 7/14).

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