• Money, Medicine and Myths

    I was on a phone call with fellow health policy types back during the presidential primary season when the conversation turned to pay-for-performance. Jun 04, 2009

  • Why Higher Taxes Will Improve Your Health

    Already, you can hear the opponents of health care reform making a familiar argument: It will mean huge new taxes. Although they're exaggerating--the tax hikes wouldn’t be “huge”--you should be willing to pay these new taxes. Happily. Jun 01, 2009

  • Don't Ignore Long-Term Care During Health Debate

    Sen. Ted Kennedy is vowing to make long-term care insurance part of health reform. But even he has an uphill struggle to make sure it's included in any broad-based bill. May 31, 2009

  • Is Universal Coverage Comparatively Effective?

    As congressional Democrats prepare to deliver on President Barack Obama’s goal of “expanding coverage to all Americans” an important question remains unanswered: is universal coverage worth the money? Not only is there “no evidence” to show that universal coverage is the most cost-effective use of our $2 trillion, the benefits may not exceed the costs at all. May 31, 2009