Columns: Jonathan Cohn

Senior Editor of The New Republic.
  • The True Costs Of Reform

    In the health reform debate, there is widespread confusion over the definition of cost--a confusion that has been hanging over this debate for the last few months and is continuing to distort it.

    Dec 07, 2009

  • Getting The Bugs Out Of Health Reform

    When it comes to making medical care not only cheaper but also better, reducing hospital infections is among the easiest changes to make--something reform really should be able to do, even in this political universe of such limited possibility.

    Nov 23, 2009

  • The House Bill Is A Great Start

    The House health overhaul bill is a great start. It should just be faster, stronger and--really--bigger.

    Nov 08, 2009

  • Take This Conservative Argument Seriously

    Lately conservatives have been making an argument you should hear. It’s about whether we can believe Congress when it promises to raise taxes or cut spending--and, as such, whether we can believe that health care reform can actually be fiscally responsible.

    Nov 02, 2009

  • What the Insurance Industry Got Right

    Buried inside the insurers' new piece of propaganda were two perfectly valid arguments--arguments that advocates of reform would be foolish to ignore.

    Oct 19, 2009

  • To Be Effective, Exchanges Need Bargaining Power

    Exchange design doesn't get the attention of controversies like the public option, abortion, or supposed death panels. In the long run, though, it could be far more decisive in whether reform works.

    Oct 05, 2009

  • Reform's Bottom Line: It's All About the Money

    This week, just maybe, we’ll learn whether the Democrats and their allies can come up with the money to pay for health reform.

    Sep 21, 2009

  • Democrats Are Not The Real Threat To Medicare

    A look at Republican efforts to drastically change Medicare in the 1990's shows that the Democratic health reforms plans aren't the real threat to the program.

    Sep 07, 2009

  • Obama's Focus on Cost Offered Critics Many Targets

    The pundits are busy filing their reports on how President Obama blew it on health care reform. And while the health care fight is far from over--I remain convinced the Democrats will pass a bill, maybe even a good one--the pundits have a point.

    Aug 24, 2009