Columns: Jonathan Cohn

Senior Editor of The New Republic.
  • Playing Chicken

    Sensible public policy shouldn’t ask people to reduce that health care bill by bargaining with their doctors over prices and using things (as one Republican U.S. Senate candidate recently suggested) like chickens to pay for care. It should prevent that kind of financial exposure in the first place.

    May 03, 2010

  • Report From Michigan: What State Residents Stand To Gain From Health Reform

    State officials leading the nullification campaign talk a lot about what their citizens stand to lose as the Affordable Care Act takes effect. But the real loss will be if, somehow, the opposite were to happen--and the people living in those states were left dealing with the same dysfunctional health care system that exists today.

    Apr 19, 2010

  • Why The Vote Changes The Health Care Debate Forever

    Health care reform promises to shift the middle ground between government and market, modestly, but in a way that will have far-reaching effects.

    Mar 22, 2010

  • How Blue Cross Became Part Of A Dysfunctional Health Care System

    If the Democrats get their way, Blue Cross companies will have to change their business model, so that they act a bit more like the Blue Cross plans of old--the ones that helped schoolteachers, not stockholders.

    Mar 08, 2010

  • Malpractice Reform: A Test Case for Bipartisanship At The Health Summit

    Republicans and Democrats should come together on one bipartisan issue at Thursday's health care 'summit': medical malpractice reform.

    Feb 22, 2010

  • Yes, Let's Talk About Those Republican Ideas

    For most of last year, Republicans spent their time attacking Democratic plans for reform, rather than describing their own. But now they’ve put a plan on the table. Showcasing that plan--and comparing it to what the Democrats have proposed--might help clarify a few things.

    Feb 08, 2010

  • The Bipartisan Trap - And How Democrats Fell Into It

    Every special interest knew that the Democrats had a razor-thin margin for success--and that gave them maximum leverage. They understood early on that, by trying in good faith to reach deals with Republicans and conservatives, Democrats were falling into a trap--the one that’s ensnaring them now.

    Jan 25, 2010

  • Transparency and Sausage Making

    Compared to George W. Bush's administration, President Obama has made significant gains in legislative transparency.

    Jan 11, 2010

  • The Unresolved Question Of Medicaid Reimbursements

    Over the next few weeks, as the House and Senate forge a compromise between their respective health care reform bills, most of the attention will be on the high-profile issues like abortion and taxes. But there are myriad other issues that, although less visible to the public, could go a long way towards determining the success of health care reform. High on this list is the seemingly technical question of what Medicaid pays primary care physicians.

    Jan 04, 2010

  • The Senate Bill Saves Families Money

    Analysis from MIT's Jonathan Gruber shows under the Senate health overhaul bill, some families could save as much as $18,000 a year on health care costs.

    Dec 21, 2009