• Americans Divided About Taxes For Universal Coverage


    A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll taken May 14-17 asked respondents: Would you prefer a health care reform plan that raises taxes in order to provide health insurance to all Americans, or a plan that does not provide health insurance to all Americans but keeps taxes at current levels?

  • Medicare Payments Vary Widely By City

    Total Medicare Spending

    The debate about health reform includes examining the regional differences in the cost of services for Medicare beneficiaries. Green Bay, Wisc. (where President Obama held a town hall meeting) has much lower costs than most U.S. cities. Miami and McAllen, Tex. have among the highest. This sampling of cities is from data compiled by the Dartmouth Atlas Project on total Medicare spending per enrollee in 2006. Enlarge image

  • Medicare Growth Rates And Reimbursements Per Enrollee

    This interactive map demonstrates a vexing issue facing policymakers as they struggle with the cost of health care: Medicare spending for its enrollees has been growing at vastly different rates depending on where they live. >> LAUNCH MAP
    Graphic: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Source: Dartmouth Atlas Project at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. Growth rate calculations conducted by Kaiser Health News.