• Electronic Prescriptions Rising in Popularity

    Source: Surescripts health information network. The company says electronic prescription messages - requests and responses - doubled between 2007 and 2008, to more than 240 million. Physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies can access the records, which include a patient's prescription history.  Enlarge image »

  • Americans' Mixed Views on Strategies to Expand Health Insurance Coverage

    EBRI Survey

    Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute and Matthew Greenwald & Associates, Inc., 2009 Health Confidence Survey. The "public plan option" results include respondents' reaction to the possibility of "creating a new public health insurance plan that anyone can purchase." The individual mandate question included the phrase "charging a fine to individuals who choose not to have health insurance coverage." This is one of several polls measuring the public's views on some health reform proposals. Enlarge image

  • Insurance Premiums On The Rise

    Data Point Chart

    Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose by 119 percent from 1999-2008, while wages grew by only 34 percent, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.