Are You Covered?

A Special Series Of Profiles On Americans And Their Health Insurance

A majority of Americans say the health care system is in need of a fix. But how much to change is the main sticking point of the national debate. This series explores nine different situations, from the uninsured to those who have the best insurance that money can buy. This series is produced in collaboration with NPR News.

Federal Worker  | Uninsured | 'Gold-Plated' Insured | Medicare Recipient | Underinsured | Employer-Provided Insurance | Voluntarily Uninsured | Medicaid Recipient | Individual Market | Illegal Immigrants


Federal Worker: Rhonda Dorsey
She feels lucky to have health coverage that helps pay for daughter's diabetes medicine.

- Federal Employees' Health Benefits Explained

Audio Slideshow


Uninsured: Fernando Arriola
Had full health coverage for years at his former job, but since starting his own contracting business, there are no affordable coverage options for him and his wife.

- How Health Overhaul Would Affect The Uninsured

- Video: Fernando Arriola


'Gold-Plated' Insurance: The Stabbe Family and The Lovells
For two families, "gold-plated" insurance has made a huge difference in the health care they recieve.

- 'Cadillac' Insurance Plans Explained

Video: The Stabbe Family 

Video: Rusty and Deb Lovell 


Medicare Recipient: Audrey Bernfield
She says she prefers Medicare over a private insurer.

- Medicare Coverage Explained

Video: 'I Hope Medicare Stays Healthy For A Long Time'


Underinsured: The Martin Family
Between the two of them, Martha Martin and her husband Jim work five part-time jobs, but still can't afford health insurance.

- The 'Underinsurance' Problem Explained

- Audio Slideshow


Employer-Provided: Dave Koenig
He has a job with good benefits, but thinks some aspects of the insurance industry should be changed to protect patients from losing coverage.

- Employer-Based Insurance Explained

- Video: Employer Provided Private Insurance


Voluntarily Uninsured: Lyn Robinson
She chooses not to buy insurance and says she likes deciding where and when to spend her medical dollars.

- People Who Choose Not To Have Health Insurance

- Video: Voluntarily Uninsured


Medicaid Recipient: Gracie Scarrow
She didn't have the money for care after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. With her daughter Lela's help, Gracie turned to Medicaid.

- Medicaid Explained

- Audio Slideshow: A Life Under Medicaid


Individual Market: Cindy Richards
Richards is a freelance writer and editor who buys health insurance to cover herself and her family.

- Individual Market Explained

- Video: Buying Insurance On The Individual Market


Illegal Immigrants
A family doctor from Rio Grande City, Tex., says failure of health reform to address the needs of illegal immigrants could cause collapse of hospitals in the region and open the border to public health risks.

- How Health Reform Bills Would - And Wouldn't - Affect Illegal Immigrants