What CDC Can Do To Fight Ebola

The agency has been heavily criticized for its response to a threat that requires team action by federal, state and local agencies. Oct 20

California Nurses’ Union Pulls Ebola Into Contract Talks
Negotiations have been going on for months and the nurses’ most recent demands revolve around Ebola. 7:55 AM

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Pentagon Plans 30-Person Team To Tackle Ebola In U.S.

The Department of Defense announced Sunday that it would create a medical team to assist U.S. doctors responding to new Ebola cases, while the government issued more stringent guidelines for protective garb for health care workers treating Ebola patients. In addition, The Wall Street Journal profiles a biologist who has been working since 1997 on an Ebola vaccine that has been proven to block the disease in monkeys. Mon, Oct 20

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    'Tricky Treat?' By Gary Varvel

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    Republicans Focus On Contraception To Woo Women Voters

    But new pitch by Republican candidates to make the pill available without a prescription could have unintended financial consequences for women.

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