Groups Sue Tennessee Over Medicaid Enrollment Delays

The plaintiffs accuse state officials of depriving thousands of residents of health care coverage. 3:04PM ET

What’s Next After Conflicting Federal Court Decisions
Watch KHN’s Julie Rovner and SCOTUSblog’s Tom Goldstein discuss the implications of the rulings. 8:17 AM

Business, Consumer Advocates Draw Lines In The Sand About Essential Benefits 5:00 AM

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Questions Abound As Courts Split On Legality Of Health Law Subsidies

Two U.S. courts of appeals reached different decisions regarding the issue of whether the health law's subsidies can be used by consumers shopping for health coverage on the federal exchange, because their states opted against setting up their own online insurance marketplace. This development injects confusion as the Obama administration works toward the next open enrollment season, which is slated for November. Ultimately, the issue could land before the Supreme Court. 10:17 AM

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    Small Business Owner Struggles To Afford Health Insurance

    Sandra Lopez, 41, owns a popular Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach, Calif. She has to make decisions about health insurance coverage for her family and her business under the Affordable Care Act.

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