Insurers Hesitant To Cover Many Proton Beam Therapy Treatments

Supporters of the controversial -- and high-priced -- therapy say more routine coverage would help propel necessary research.
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How To Fix Medicare? Ask The Public
Washington is full of ideas to overhaul Medicare, but one non-partisan organization is asking ordinary people for ideas instead. 5:00 AM

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View All » Undergoes Changes, Faces Scrutiny As Clock Ticks Toward Mid-November Start Of Open Enrollment

The New York Times reports that a redesign to the federal marketplace will allow a majority of consumers to use a simpler online form when attempting to buy health coverage, and The Associated Press details findings out today by the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general that report on government hackers' attempts to breach the site. 9:49 AM

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    Transgender Surgery Covered By Insurance

    After being uninsured, Palm Springs resident Devin Payne signed up for a Covered California plan under the health law. In May, the 43-year-old single parent underwent gender reassignment surgery and is looking forward to being reimbursed by her insurance company.

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