In Onscreen Dramas, Health Experts Inject A Dose Of Reality

Hollywood center taps medical authorities to answer producers’ questions on everything from autism to tuberculosis. Sep 17

One-Quarter Of ACOs Save Enough Money To Earn Bonuses
The administration says the results show that changing financial incentives can produce Medicare savings. SEPT 16

Frustrated AMA Pitches 'Action Plan' On Digital Records SEPT 16

No Time To See The Doctor? Try A Virtual Visit SEPT 16

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  • 'A-Wristed Development?' By Daryl Cagle

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    Transgender Surgery Covered By Insurance

    After being uninsured, Palm Springs resident Devin Payne signed up for a Covered California plan under the health law. In May, the 43-year-old single parent underwent gender reassignment surgery and is looking forward to being reimbursed by her insurance company.

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